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Google Maps: Anfahrt Feld- und Grubenbahnmuseum

By car
Please follow the labelling to the "Besucherbergwerk Grube Fortuna" beginning at
B49 exit Oberbiel (first exit to Oberbiel coming from Wetzlar)
B277 exit Berghausen (exit between Aßlar and Werdorf)
Please enter in your car navigation system the Grube Fortuna or alternatively the Grundstraße in 35606 Solms. φ = 050° 34,5' N; λ = 008° 25,4' E

By public transportation
Station Aßlar/Werdorf: RegionalExpress on the line (Frankfurt-)Gießen-Dillenburg; 2,7 km walk
Bus stop Solms/Oberbiel Abzweig Altenberg: Buses on the line 120/125 Wetzlar Bf-Leun/Stockhausen Bf or line 185 Wetzlar Bf-Solms/Burgsolms Bf (both Mo-Fr only); 2,9 km walk
Bahnhof Solms/Albshausen: Hessische Landesbahn on the line (Fulda-)Gießen-Limburg; 5,0 km walk

Aßlar-Werdorf Bf
Solms-Oberbiel Abzweig Altenberg
Solms-Albshausen Bf
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