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The Museum

The Museum terrain
The terrain of the Feld- und Grubenbahnmuseums Fortuna is on the area of the former iron mine Grube Fortuna. In two museum halls with included workshop on the central area the museum on the one hand presents and restores on the other hand the rolling stock.
For the future an improvement of the presentation, the creation of a continuous exhibition in a new exhibition space as well as the production of a video film is planned.
A more precise description of the museum area you can find on the page Facilities and Tracks. A good overview you get with our interactive aerial photograph.

Aerial photograph from the former area of the iron mine Fortuna (2003)

Steam locomotive No. 1 Henschel-Preller
There are more than 50 600 mm gauge locomotives in the collection of the Feld- und Grubenbahnmuseum at the moment:
- Steam locomotives (Kleinbahnlocomotives)
- Diesel locomotives (Kleinbahnlocos, feldbahnlocos and mining locomotives)
- Accumulator locomotives (mining locomotives)
- Overhead line locomotives (mining locomotives)
- and one compressed air locomotive (mining locomotive)
Not only the quantity of locomotives but also the variety of the collection is remarkable. Our Krauss-steam locomotive No. 4 was built already in 1912 whereas the Trio-locomotive from Ruhrthaler was delivered only just in 1996. She represents the modern German coal mining activities.
You can find further information to the locomotives on the page Locomotives.
Our Timetable gives you information about the dates when you can visit our museum an when you can make a train journey with the Kleinbahntrain.

The Association owns a collection of about Kleinbahncars, Feldbahncars and mining train cars.
Very important in our collection are the eight Kleinbahncars. Seven of them were used as freight cars at the Jarotschiner and the Wirsitzer Kreisbahn (today Polish) in earlier days. After their arrival at the Grube Fortuna in the begging 1990's five of them were converted into passenger cars. Today they are irreplaceable for the offered train journeys with the Kleinbahn-steamtrain. The other two cars got a special function after their conversion. A former workshop car was converted into a bistro car and a car with high side panels is our fire fighting car today. It is equipped with a 4 m³ water tank, a water pump and fire hoses and nozzles.
Additionally we own a Kleinbahncar from the former Braunfelser Ernstbahn which was in use on a railway in our region.
Further information to our cars you can find on the page Cars.
You can rent the bistro car from its operator, the restaurant "Zum Zechenhaus". Further information on the page Special Events!

Special-purpose vehicles
For example we have rail-cycles, a draisine, muckers and front end loaders for underground mining.
Further information to our special-purpose vehicles you can find on the page Special-purpose vehicles.

Bistro car No. 106

Eimco front end loader

Kleinbahntrain with LKM-Loco V 10C on the circle line
Railway line
Part of the museum is a 2.5 kilometres long railway line in the upper Grundbach valley. A journey with the Kleinbahntrain or the mining railway train begins on the central museum area and takes 20 minutes.
Course of the tracks and jour journey: After departure the train passes the stop "Buche" at the upper end of the Grundbach valley. After a long right-hand bend he reaches the forest path on the other side of the valley and follows this path down in the valley. Afterwards the journey continues either on a long right-hand bend going up to the end of the valley again or going to the stop "Parkplatz". After the locomotive is coupled on the other side of the train the journey goes back via the stops "Buche" and "Weißdorn" to the museum area.
A more detailed description of the railway line you can find on the page Facilities and Tracks.